eNOTHIN: Beehive Going Away April 1st

eNOTHIN: Beehive Going Away April 1st

Never to be seen again until tomorrow, April 2nd

Drake Harlett
eNothin Staff

Sad news is being reported from Perrysburg High School today. Unfortunately, due changes in Food and Drug Administration policy, principal Dr. Michael Short was informed that PHS must shut down the Beehive immediately.

The FDA wrote to Short: “Due to all the chips, ice cream, and the cookies you sell have we have to shutdown the Beehive due to health concerns like childhood obesity, taste, and happiness.”

This created an overall sad mood in the halls of Perrysburg because students really love the Beehive. One could compare the depression to the feeling you get after eating too many cookies, specifically when all the cookies are gone.

Principal Short, while drinking a sparkling blackberry Izze, said, “the FDA said this has to be done and it will be done… we will close the Beehive as of April 1st, 2019.” He noted that sparkling blackberry Izze is his favorite drink to get from the Beehive.

Keal Greenleaf, a freshman, was one of few students we spoke with who was happy at the news of the Beehive’s closing. She identifies as vegan, anti-junk food, and as an anti-Izze person that prefers salad in the lunch line. Greenleaf states, “This is best news ever because there will be no more junk food going into teenagers’ bodies. I am proud the FDA agrees with my opinions on the Beehive.”

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