eSomethin Staff 2018-2019

Henry Brown

Hey, my name is Henry Brown and I am a senior this year. I’m a little late to eSomethin, meaning that this is my first year with everyone. My favorite thing to do outside of class is listening to music, anhanging out with my friends. I’m looking forward to sharing interesting stories with the rest of Perrysburg High School. 


 Noah Bunting

My name is Noah Bunting, I’m currently a Junior. This is my first year in The Cellar. I currently am a part of Drama Club and am an active part of the PHS theatre techie family. I am a big news junkie that loves reading and writing.

A little somethin about me is that I am a diehard Browns fan. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and working on the spring musical!


 Avery Cook

Hi, my name is Avery Cook and I’m a junior at Perrysburg High School. This is my second year as a Cellar staff member. I play on the girls Perrysburg Rugby Club and I enjoy covering controversial topics as well as being an advocate for equal rights and social change. I’m very excited for this year!



 Lucas Fiscus

Hello! My name is Lucas Fiscus. I am a freshman this year, so I haven’t had any previous experience with the school newspaper, but writing has always been a passion of mine. I spend a lot of time at football practices, but I’m a huge geek when it comes to musicals, films, and especially comics. If you want to distract me for a good couple of hours, ask me about “Arm Fall off Boy” or “Cap-wolf”. I have an immense interest in journalism so I’m super excited to get first hand experience with writing and publishing, so let’s make this year somethin’ we won’t forget!

  Chelsea Fisher

My name is Chelsea Fisher, I am a senior and this is my fourth year in The Cellar. I am the editor-in-chief of eSomethin’, a hockey manager, and have been accepted to BGSU for early admission for their Journalism and Communications Program. I love animals, marine biology, art and criminal justice. I love covering hard news, making videos, and taking pictures at the football and hockey games. I am looking forward to making this the best year yet, not only for myself, but for eSomethin.


 Shane Fite

I’m Shane (or Grace) Fite, and I am a freshman at PHS. This is my first year on the eSomethin staff! Somethin’ about me is that I am a creator. That means that I take photos, write, draw, create movies, and write songs. That’s why I was excited to join. If you see me, ask me about OK Go. I can answer any question you have about them, and my friends will tell you that I talk about them too much. I’m looking forward to being involved, even if I joke about wishing I could just stay home.


 Drake Harlett

Hey! My name is Drake Harlett and I’m a current senior. I have been interested into tech writing but this is my first time being in this class. I like to go out to eat with my golf teammates, go to sporting events from hockey to football, and just hangout with my family/close friends. I play golf which I’m a second year varsity letter man, and also do bowling in which I am going to be a fourth year varsity letter man. My passion is to become a broadcaster for golf or hockey, because they are my favorite types of sports to go to and watch on tv. I want to work on my social skills and actually have a fun senior year!

 Charlie Hebert

Hi, my name is Charlie Hebert. Currently I am a senior at Perrysburg High School, and this is my first and only year in The Cellar. Over my life, I have taken a deep love for the great outdoors, and almost anything concerning it. I also take almost every single chance I get to volunteer wherever I can to clean up nature preserves, parks, etc. One day, I hope to live a life in the wilderness, along with a career in environmental sciences, or another one of the like. At school, I have been on the bowling team in my Junior year, and plan to again for this year as well. I think that this year is going to be the best one out of my high school career, especially with the addition of The Cellar.

 Zachary Isaacson

Hello! My name is Zachary Isaacson. I am a junior and this is my third year on the Cellar staff. A little somethin’ about myself is that I am a varsity bowler playing for Perrysburg and I also have a passion for producing video and music. The past two years I have spent on the staff has allowed me to combine both of those passions to make content for my school, and I am looking forward to making more this year. 


 Anna Koeppl

Hello! My name is Anna Koeppl. I am a senior at Perrysburg High School and this is my first year being a part of The Cellar! All of my life I have been a competitive swimmer and a softball player, and there’s just somethin’ about being a part of both teams here at PHS. I love to travel, listen to country music, and hangout with my friends. This year I am looking forward to making my last high school memories great ones!


Danielle Mercer

Hey! My name is Danielle Mercer! I am a junior here at Perrysburg High School and this is my second year here in The Cellar! Somethin interesting about me is that my nickname here in The Cellar is “DJ Dani” because I love playing music during lunch. I love seeing people dance and sing along. Somethin else about me is that I’m an outgoing person and I love helping others with something they may not understand. Somethin I look forward to this year is to be a successful student and helping the underclassmen.


 Isabel Palmer

Hi! My name is Isabel Palmer. This is my first year of the Cellar. I am a sophomore at Perrysburg High School. I was recommended by my close friend that was in the class the previous year. I’m very passionate about art, writing, and photography. In my free time I like to work on creating crazy new pieces of art. What I’m most looking forward to is interacting with others and writing articles for eSomethin.


 Riley Pierce

Hey, my name is Riley Pierce and I’m a junior this year. This is my third year being a part of eSomethin. I have been waiting all summer to come back and be a part of this class again, and I am so excited to work onsomethin new this year. I love to read and write. I used to be a part of the Power of the Pen when I was in Jr. High, which is what lead me to be a part of eSomethin. I am on the Black Swamp Rowing Team, which takes up a lot of my time; however, I always find time to take pictures at the football games. I’m super excited to do somethin great this year!

 Grace Reiter

Aloha!  My name’s Grace Reiter, I’m a sophomore, and this is my first year in Tech Writing.  Besides eSomethin, I dance, play tennis, swim, participate in Pride Club, I’m on French Club exec board, and I’m the secretary of sophomore student council.  I’m looking forward to Football Fridays, Maul Maumee week, and being a part of somethin as fun and interesting as eSomethin!



 Ashley Rohrs

Hello, my name is Ashley Rohrs. This year, I am a sophomore at Perrysburg High School. I have been on the staff of for two years. I am on the cross country and track team and I am very passionate about saving our oceans.I am looking forward to going to school events and informing Perrysburg students about new information.



 Kennedy Rowley

Hey, Kennedy Rowley here providing information on somethin new. I’m a freshman and I’m currently on the rowing team. Another sport I participate in is dance for the EDC dance team.I can’t wait for my first year of high school and I’m looking forward to making great high school memories!



 Ainsley Sutter

Hi! My name is Ainsley Sutter, and I’m a freshman at PHS. This is my first, of hopefully many, years on eSomethin. I enjoy playing lacrosse and I play for a club team in Brighton, MI.In my spare time I like watching dramatic movies and taking my dog on long walks.




 Caitlin Taylor

Hey, I’m Caitlin Taylor. I’m a senior at Perrysburg High School. A couple of fun facts about myself are that I love to express things through writing, I’m involved in Link Crew, and I love Mexican food. I’ve been a part of eSomethin for two years and have had many great memories come of it. This year I am looking forward to guiding the underclassmen in prideful spirit at football games and participating in the many clubs that are offered.


 Sam Walter

My name is Sam Walter. I am a senior, and this is my first year in Tech Writing. I like to listen to music and watch movies. Risk is my favorite board game of all time. My favorite food is chicken, and my favorite beverage is Mountain Dew. I am looking forward to writing some radical articles for eSomethin.



 Andrew Wendler

My name is Andrew Wendler, I am a freshman at Perrysburg High School. This is my first year in The Cellar. This school year I am looking forward to writing and publishing articles for eSomethin. Somethin’ interesting about me is that I’m left-handed for handwriting, but for most other things, such as using a computer mouse or cursor, I am right-handed. I’m glad to be here, and looking forward to this year. advisers

 Mr. Kitson

Tim Kitson is an English teacher at Perrysburg High School and the adviser for He is a Michigan native and a graduate of Michigan State University. He enjoys helping students produce digital media and discover the creative process. “Working with eSomethin is a unique challenge,” said Mr. Kitson, “because few things are constant.  We know how important the school paper is to alumni and the community.  We want to continue the tremendous success we’ve had over the last few years.” Mr. Kitson greatly appreciates the supportive relationship with the The Toledo Blade. You can reach Mr. Kitson via email at [email protected].


Mrs. Wagener

Joy Wagener is an English teacher at Perrysburg High School adviser for the school yearbook. She is a graduate of Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Language Arts and George Mason University with a Masters of Arts in English. She advised a nationally recognized online high school newspaper in Virginia and now offers her journalism education background to eSomethin. “It’s so gratifying to participate in Perrysburg High School’s student newspaper and help students develop their reporting and writing skills,” she said. “Student expression is so essential to a healthy school community and it allows students to begin dialogues on important topics.