How athletes are staying in shape during COVID-19 quarantine

How athletes are staying in shape during COVID-19 quarantine

Lauren Gorcz
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Spring is a time where many sports seasons begin. Athletes who have been preparing all year finally have the chance to show off their skills. However, this year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all high school spring sports have been canceled. Contact with coaches is limited. Gyms are closed. Yet, with such dire situations, athletes are attempting to stay in shape to prepare for summer and next year’s season.

Olivia Meinke, a student-athlete in Perrysburg, said she has been staying in shape by “try[ing] to exercise at least 5 days a week.”

She says that regimen is less that her normal routine, but it works for maintaining fitness.

Meinke said “it’s a lot different, not working out with her team.”

A lot of athletes have also been having trouble finding the motivation to stay in shape without their teammates there to cheer them on, a sentiment that Meinke echoes. She misses the bonding time with her fellow athletes.

Some local gyms have been sending out workouts for their clients to do. One gym in particular, Livefit, has been challenging its clients to do virtual workout challenges at home to keep both engagement and endurance up. This has helped to keep engagement up between athletes and workout facilities as well as helping to keep fitness levels high.

A popular place to find workouts right now is from social media influencers. Internet-famous celebrities use Instagram and TikTok to release workouts they do to stay in shape. Followers see and often copy these workouts, helping average Joes stay in shape

Quarantine has impacted many lives. It has led to many changes, especially for the athletes around the world who were very excited for their respective seasons and even more devastated for when they could no longer occur. However, many of these athletes clearly have been staying in shape for next year using those methods. Because being an athlete is about not giving up, it’s about getting going when the going gets tough.

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