2019 Homecoming Proposals

2019 Homecoming Proposals

Ainsley Sutter
eSomethin Staff

Students are getting creative in how they ask that special someone to homecoming!

  • "Will you be a slice of my night at HOCO?"
  • "Gino you intercepted my heart, will you tackle HOCO?"
  • "Megan let's FACE it. It would B sad if we didn't go to HOCO so... HOCO?"
  • "Will you LIGHT up my night at HOCO?"
  • "I Liv 4 U, I Long 4 U, Olivia. Don't let me gooooo to Hoco w/o U"
  • "You'd be the GOAT to go to HC with me"
  • "Will you be my sunshine at Homecoming?"
  • "Will you make my night Extra OAR-dinary and go to hoco with ME?"
  • "Charlottee, I hope I ROSE to the occasion, HOCO?"
  • "It would be MARVEL-ous if you went to HC with me!"
  • "Will you BEE my sunshine to HOCO"
  • Homecoming is a GRANDE event and I would like it a LATTE if you would go with me??"
  • "If I ran Cross Country, My Finish Line would be HOCO with you"

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