A new face in the Guidance Office

A new face in the Guidance Office

Meet Mrs. Alana Sigg, the guidance counselor who replaced Mr. Steve Pierce after his departure from school counseling.

Mrs. Sigg attended Ashland University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in middle school education. She can teach grades four through nine, with certifications in history and science. 

After teaching physical science for six years, Sigg went to Heidelberg University to earn her master’s degree. She chose Heidelberg because she prefers to sit in a desk and have a good relationship with her professors and because it was close to where she lived. 

Mrs. Sigg wanted to maintain the student relationship aspect of teaching in her new job, hence her choice not to go into administration: “I decided school counseling was a good avenue for me that I could kind of flex all my skills and relationship building knowledge and also get to be in the schools with the students,” Sigg said.

Before coming to Perrysburg, Mrs. Sigg worked at Bowling Green High School as a counselor. When she made the switch to PHS, she had high expectations.

Switching from one system to another is always difficult, but Mrs. Sigg says that the administration here is patient with helping her learn. She says her great coworkers are getting her through.

“I have been told what a wonderful place it is to work here, and that the kids are great, and truly that is exactly what I have experienced when I’m out in the hall,” said Sigg.

“Don’t be afraid of change. Don’t be afraid of risk. With every failure comes a learning experience. Truly in my experience as a student, and then as a teacher, and then onto a counselor, you have to take risks and you can’t be afraid of failure. When failure happens — which it will — you have to be able to learn from that experience and move forward and not allow it to deflate you.”

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