Jackets Softball Team Swings Into Victory Against Margaretta

Jackets Softball Team Swings Into Victory Against Margaretta

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On Saturday May 11, 2019, a day where most people are at home preparing for Perrysburg’s prom, the Perrysburg softball team earned a 10-4 victory against Margaretta High School.

Head varsity Coach Ryan DeMars speaks to the teams rocky start to the year: “It’s been a frustrating season from the standpoint of so many makeups, so many game cancellations, it’s kind of hard to get into a rhythm. We went down to Florida to start the season, played six games down there and got off to a pretty rough start. We lost our first three games and I don’t think anyone in our program was expecting that. We bounced back on our next three, got a big roadwin against Springfield who’s ranked top 10 in the state…”

However, DeMars noted he was proud of the team’s efforts.

Senior Mars Deemer had a similar viewpoint: “This season has been all about overcoming what everyone is saying around us and truly playing our game. Our goals for the future are winning our district championship and after that take every game inning by inning, pitch by pitch.”, the attitude around the team seems to be about achieving their goals and playing hard.

Since the beginning of the season, the girls softball team have had many victories against teams like Southview, Napoleon, St, Joseph Academy, Maumee, and Bowling Green, immensely improving their record.

Aside from being teammates on the diamond, the lady Jackets have tight-knit relationships on the team. Senior Reyann Kruger speaks on how the team affects her, “The team impacts me tremendously. They are all my best friends, and I truly mean that. We are always there for each other and if someone is down we pick them right back up. We are a family and I love all of them.”.

Good luck as the season continues!

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