PODCAST: Somethin’ or Nothin’ — Spring Break

PODCAST: Somethin’ or Nothin’ — Spring Break

Ashley Rohrs, Noah Bunting
Ainsley Sutter, Kennedy Rowley
eSomethin Staff

Ashley: “Hi, guys! This is Ashley Rohrs.

Kennedy: “Kennedy Rowley.”

Ainsley: “And Ainsley Sutter.”

Ashley: “And our special guest…”

Noah: “Noah Bunting. And, today on our next episode of Somethin’ or Nothin’, we’re going to be talking about fun ideas that you can do over spring break to keep yourself busy.”

Ashley: “Whether it’s spring, summer, winter, or fall, you can always go to the movies with your friends or with family, or just by yourself because there’s always movies coming out.”

Noah: “And one of my favorite activities to do that you can do with friends, with a date, or by yourself is go to the various parks and nature preserves in Perrysburg. Walk around, get involved in nature, and just going out there and seeing what we have in store.”

Ainsley: “My favorite is just hanging out at home, in bed, just watching Netflix and eating a bunch of food… just, like, detox from the stress of being at school and sports and everything.”

Kennedy: “One more thing you can do is you can walk down to the Maumee River, in Perrysburg, and you can go ‘hammocking’ and just chill with your friends.”

Noah: “Anothing fun activity that you can to down there is also go kayaking on the Maumee River, another great date idea as well.”

Ashley: “Also coming up in May, the Farmers Market start up again, so that’s always a fun activity you can do with anyone you want to go with.”

Noah: “And for all you lovely ladies out there who are upperclassmen or are dating upper classmen, there’s always going and getting a prom dress. Make sure that they look great!”

Ainsley: “Or with the warm weather, it’s sandal weather, so you could always go get mani-pedis [a manicure / pedicure combination] at nail spas in Perrysburg.”

Ashley: “And this was another episode of Somethin’ or Nothin’,”

All: “We hope you all enjoy your spring break!”

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