Somethin’ or Nothin’: Don’t cram for exams

Somethin’ or Nothin’: Don’t cram for exams

Alyse Riffer, Kennedy Rowley, Lucas Fiscus
eSomethin Staff

Fiscus: Exams are coming up and here at the eSomethin’ staff are going to give you some tips to pass. I’m Lucas Fiscus and here are my tips:

Get enough sleep. It’s said a lot but it’s really important. You need sleep or else you’re going be like super drowsy throughout the entire exam, and when you’re tired you obviously make mistakes. My second tip is don’t study alone, studying with peers can get you both prepared. You can ask more questions instead of combing through notes and Google. You do have to make sure you pick the right person to study with; no one likes the guy who makes a joke out of everything, alright? And, I know that because I was him, so, get someone to study with and bounce [ideas] across. Now Kennedy is here with her tips.

Rowley: Okay, so, my first tip is to make Quizlets. Quizlets are a great way to review material, you can play Quizlet Live with your friends even. And like, I enjoy doing “Learn” over and over again until I have 100 percent that way I know I’m going to do good, and I do not recommend doing “Scatter” on Quizlet because you’re just going to memorize the shapes of the like paragraphs talking about what the word is. And my second tip is don’t wait until the last minute, the second you get the material start looking over it right away and like constantly. And then finally like the night before exams going to a coffee shop like Starbucks with friends or a small group is really helpful.

Alyse: Hi, I’m Alyse, one of my tips is to eat breakfast, kids who eat breakfast before school are more likely to score higher on tests than those who don’t. And some good food choices are eggs, yogurt, nuts, cottage cheese and any other whole-grain fruit or vegetable. And my other tip is to make sure to review stuff from the beginning of the semester as well because most kids just review recent material, and while it can be helpful, they are surprised when they see stuff from the very first unit on the test. The exams are supposed to cover the entire first semester, so don’t forget to look over older content.

Lucas: Alright! So, those are our tips for hopefully acing your exams. Keep listening in for more Somethin’ or Nothin’. Thank you!

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