The Class of 2024 Senior Superlatives

The Class of 2024 Senior Superlatives

Ari Collins, Maddie Pool, Riya Shah, Sophia Lanno and Taylor Dingus , eSomethin Staff
Caroline McDonald, Abby Frye, and Emmy Putnam, Yearbook Staff


Cutest Couple

Ava Hess and Caleb Laytart

Best Style

Ava Hess and Trevor Evanski

Most Artistic

Taqwa Arif and Kaigan Gwin

Class Clown

Hattie Smith and Patrick Martz

Future Popstar

Hope Smith and Brody Dunn

Most Likely to Come Back as a Teacher

Lydia Steyer and Josh Kennedy

Best Car

Hattie Smith and David Butterfield

Most Charming

Mia Harlow and Caleb Laytart

Most Likely To Go Pro

Sydney Deal and Alex Diaz

Best Nickname

Harshini Bharadwaj and Taylor Thomas

Best Gal Pals

Mia Moffitt and Gracin Bella

Best Bromance

Patrick Martz and Noah Wallace

Mr and Mrs Yellow Jacket

Soloman Lambdin and Sara Yager

Best Laugh

Jimena Barrera and Noah Wallace

Most Likely to be on Reality TV

Ava Kincaid and Maxwell Tansey

Teachers Pet

Averi Perkins and Nick Jockett

Broadways Next Headliner

Aleah Castillo and Joshua Kennedy

Worst Case of Senioritis

Ariel Cole and Evan Daudelin

Best Glow Up

Maiya Combest and Gavin Fenneken

Most Likely to Be President

Georgia Bohney and Jack Bowe

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