PODCAST: Somethin’ or Nothin’— Thanksgiving Food


Henry Brown, Charlie Hebert, Sam Walter
eSomethin Staff

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Henry: Hey, guys. Welcome to the seventh episode of Somethin or Nothin. I’m Henry

Charlie: I’m Charlie.

Sam: And I’m Sam.

Henry: And today we are going to be talking about Thanksgiving, because Thanksgiving is coming up.

Sam: Yep.

Henry: And what I want to talk about first — some people like it, some people don’t — but Thanksgiving food. Because honestly I feel like Thanksgiving food is overrated. It’s honestly not that good.

Charlie: What are you talking about? Turkey is “the move.”

Sam: I agree with Charlie. I think turkey is pretty gnarly in my opinion.

Charlie: Unless you’re vegan…

Sam: Yeah, then I guess turkey wouldn’t be so nice.

Henry: Yeah but I feel like you could get turkey anytime of the year though. Turkey isn’t really a holiday-season food.

Charlie: Perhaps.

Henry: But I guess… I don’t know.

Sam: You get to eat it a bunch of it. Okay, Henry? You get to eat as much as you want on Thanksgiving.

Henry: I know, but I feel like the food isn’t that good because it’s pretty average food. You’re getting turkey and mashed potatoes. And mashed potatoes you can get anytime of the year. It doesn’t really matter.

Same: We’re not talking about the quality of food here, Henry! We’re talking (clap) about (clap) the (clap) complete (clap) surplus (clap) of (clap) food!

Charlie: I also think it’s something.

Henry: Alright, whatever. The next thing I have to talk about is the Thanksgiving Parade. I honestly think, just like Thanksgiving dinner, it is also overrated, and the parade itself is kinda boring.

Charlie: You know what? I think it’s kinda cool. I wouldn’t say it’s boring. I think it’s I kinda cool.

Sam: Uhh… I think it’s just ok.

Henry: Yeah, because I mean like… Sure there are some floats that are pretty cool, but the whole thing last for a whole two hours. Which is kind of insane if you think about it.

Charlie: What are you talking about? I think that’s pretty cool.

Sam: I think that the parade isn’t that bad — but I do agree that two hours is a little long.

Charlie: No, it’s pretty cool.

Henry: Well, I’m sorry Charlie but you’re wrong.

Charlie: Oh, ok.

Henry: Alright, The last thing I wanted to talk about is the overall atmosphere and just the holiday in general of Thanksgiving. Because I know I said a lot of negative things about Thanksgiving, but overall I do really enjoy the holiday and I think it’s a nice time for families to kind-of get together and reminisce over the year so far.

Sam: Yeah, really I enjoy eating all of the food. Just stuffing food in my face, and seeing all of the family members I don’t get to see that often.

Charlie: But you always get that one annoying family member that comes in.

Henry: Yeah I get that.

Charlie: You know, they just won’t stop talking. It’s just really boring and they are just talking about stuff that nobody cares about.

Henry: That’s true, but I feel like still. The family members that you do care about kind of outweigh that one kind of annoying family member.

Charlie: Yeah yeah you do have a point there.

Sam: Yeah, dude, I love my crazy Uncle Max.

Henry: (laughs) Well, alright, you feel like that’s enough for us to talk about today?

Charlie: I think that is-

Sam: Somethin!

Charlie: Yeah somethin.

Sam: Tune in next time for the next episode of…

All: Somethin or Nothin!

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