Gracefully Handmade – A Very Local Business You Don’t Want To Miss

Gracefully Handmade – A Very Local Business You Don’t Want To Miss

Anna Koeppl
eSomethin Staff

Outside of the school day, most high schoolers have personal passions they pursue. One student in particular shares a unique perspective on her passions. Between her schoolwork and outside job, Perrysburg senior Gracie Chamberlain founded her own business, Gracefully Handmade, a platform for her creativity and sense of community.

Gracie Chamberlain poses in baseball tee.
Gracie Chamberlain poses in one of her own monogrammed baseball tees.
Source: gracefully.handmade on Instagram

Gracefully Handmade is a business that sells and distributes personalized products. As Chamberlain explains, “I’ve sold to people my age, my mom’s friends, and my grandma’s friends.” The product list consists of a variety of cups, mugs, shirts, sweatshirts, and keychains, and each item can be personalized by a monogrammed design, including someone’s initials, a simple saying, or a silhouette of the state of Ohio.

Creating and maintaining a business is no easy feat; inspiration alongside passion are two key motivators that has kept Gracefully Handmade thriving. Chamberlain’s first works were with stickers and decals, which then evolved into the products she sells today. Her passion for creativity is what has driven her to the success her business has received in the past few years. 

White keychains with monogrammed lettering.
The original keychain is one of the first products to be made by Gracie Chamberlain.
Source: Gracefully Handmade on Facebook

Besides creativity, Gracie shares an overall passion for running the business itself. The commitment to her business is shared with other commitments, including school and an outside job. Chamberlain admits, “It is stressful, and it’s really hard to find that balance,” but her main motivation revolves around the simple fact that “it’s fun for [her] and [she’s] making things for other people and making money while doing it.”

Outside of the time put into the Gracefully Handmade website and social media platforms, Gracie puts in the extra work to prepare products for craft shows, where she is able to display her works and share her message. To prepare, Gracie spends an average of 10 extra hours in each of the weeks before the show, which, for a high schooler, is a large amount of time dedication. Time management is a key skill in managing sales, and although each week is different, Gracie has always found a way to give each product her own personal touch.

As of right now, Gracefully Handmade is focused on apparel and designs including the state of Ohio along with other local, Perrysburg-themed looks. With these new products joined into the mix, Gracie “enjoys that there’s something for everybody” whether they live in Ohio or somewhere across the country.

White mug stating "Jacket Pride"
This “Jacket Pride” mug from Gracefully Handmade shows off the local Perrysburg products from the website.
Source: gracefully.handmade on Instagram

Once she has graduated high school, Gracie is going to attend Bowling Green State University to study Education. But don’t worry, while it might mean that business might slow down, it doesn’t mean the end for Gracefully Handmade! “I can see this being something I continue,” Gracie adds, “It’s something I can do at home on my own time.”

Through her unique perspective and great passion, Gracie Chamberlain has created her own success while learning many skills that she will take with her to college and beyond, no matter what path she decides to take in the years to come. Gracefully Handmade is the perfect example that hard work and persistence can turn what feels like a distant dream into a reality.

The next time you are in search of a locally made gift or personalized accessory, don’t go too far! Just head over to the Gracefully Handmade website or contact Gracie Chamberlain directly to learn more information and browse through the products that are offered!

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