Perrysburg Divided: Is Mr. Freeze Overrated?

Perrysburg Divided: Is Mr. Freeze Overrated?

Noah Bunting, Anna Koeppl, Kennedy Rowley
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Mr. Freeze is an ice cream shop that has been a staple of Perrysburg for forty-nine years. Many have fond memories growing up eating with their families. But with Mr. Freeze’s annual opening for the season, there are some who are voicing a controversial opinion that dividing Perrysburg: is Mr. Freeze overrated?

Freshman Diego Diaz loves the variety of flavors Mr. Freeze has for ice cream. He believes it is better than any other ice cream shop, “because it’s a local go-to spot. It’s one-of-a-kind, and it’s delicious.”

Senior Olivia McCullough agrees: “[Mr. Freeze] is always super busy…but the ice cream is definitely worth the wait.”

These opinions are shared by many at PHS. There are others such as Julia Lee who say otherwise.

Julia Lee (Photo Credit: Noah Bunting)
Julia Lee (Photo Credit: Noah Bunting)

“Mr. Freeze is way overpriced. There’s too many people. There’s always a long wait, and nobody needs that much ice cream” she says.

According to Lee, “Twisty Treat is by far better.”

“It’s pretty average ice cream” says senior Alyssa Bengela of Mr. Freeze.

Alyssa Bengela (left) and Elizabeth Huff (right) (Photo Credit: Noah Bunting)

Senior Elizabeth Huff defended Mr. Freeze’s legacy saying, “It’s kind of a Perrysburg tradition so you have to go there.”

Regardless of varying opinion on the matter, there’s nothing wrong with heading to Mr. Freeze and deciding for yourself!

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