Teachers Northrup and Tulodzkeski teach online while practicing social distancing

Teachers Northrup and Tulodzkeski teach online while practicing social distancing

Neela Azizi
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With students starting online schooling due to COVID-19, many aspects regarding assignments, attendance and grading systems have been affected. This all is a struggle for students, but teachers have a large adjustment to make as well.

Spanish teacher Danielle Tulodzieski, known to many students as Profe T, is the teacher for Spanish II and AP Spanish V. While Ohio’s stay-at-home order has been in effect, Tulodzkeski has been spending time with her kids and been watching shows on Netflix since there is not much else to do.

Mrs. Kelsey Northrup, an English teacher, has been spending her free time with her husband, hosting yoga classes online, and doing a lot of reading and spring-cleaning.

Teachers at PHS have been making assignments shorter and easier to accommodate the variety of different family circumstances and that teachers are unable to host in-person classes.

Tulodzkeski said she takes about 1-2 hours to put together assignments for the week for her Spanish II classes.

Northrup takes an average day’s time to put together and post assignments for her freshman classes as well as virtually meeting once a week with her senior classes for about two hours.

Both teachers are also hoping that school will resume in-person classes sometime in the fall and be as normal as possible. Tulodzkeski’s son will be starting kindergarten then so she is hoping that he will have a safe and normal start to his school year. Both teachers suspect that there might be some changes, like having smaller classes or a staggered-start of one week in school and one week online, etc.

Students may anticipate grades to change dramatically since starting online school, but according to both Northrup and Tulodzkeski, the grades for students have been pretty consistent.

Mrs. Northrup and Profe Tulodzkeski have also been taking many safety precautions that Governor Mike DeWine has recommended. They both have been practicing social distancing and have been ordering items like groceries online so they do not risk exposure. If they need to go out to buy things, they stay as safe as possible by distancing from others, wearing masks, gloves and washing their hands.

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