Coronavirus: Plague of the 2020s?

Coronavirus: Plague of the 2020s?

Clara Burkin and Lauren Gorcz
eSomethin Staff

Recently, a virus informally known as called the coronavirus, officially named COVID-19, has been a hot topic in the media. Whether it’s official scientific facts or an internet meme, it’s everywhere. However, few people actually know updated, accurate information on this virus.

The coronavirus is a new type of virus that is fast-spreading, with devastating symptoms with no known cure at this point. The first case of it was reported in China. So far, at least 35 American states and territories have reported at least one case of coronavirus — including Ohio with three cases. Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, North and South Dakota and West Virginia are the states left that don’t have any confirmed cases as of this article’s publication. California and Washington have had 110 and 136 cases respectively. For more accurate information, check the Centers for Disease Control daily.

Since the coronavirus has been discovered, its notoriety has spread quickly. Some of the main and most common symptoms are severe respiratory illness with coughing, difficulty breathing and a fever.

In Ohio, leaders such as Governor Mike DeWine has issued a statement telling people not to panic. He says schools and workplaces will not be shutting down at this time and that people should continue their lives as usual. Even with surrounding states seeing infections, no one should panic.

For current safety standards and the most accurate information be sure to check or Ohio-specific information at

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