A Look at The League of Women Voters

A Look at The League of Women Voters

Anna Koeppl, Noah Bunting
eSomethin Staff

Turning 18 comes with many rights such as enlisting in the military, opening credit cards, and going to doctor appointments without a parent. Perhaps the most important right of turning 18 is the ability to vote.

One-hundred years ago, women did not have this right, but The League of Women Voters has worked since then so that the women of today will never have to lose the right to vote again.

As an organization that is about to celebrate their 100th year of service, The League of Women Voters is a long-standing traditional group who is after one goal: voter education. Debra Goreman, a member of the LWV, tells about the history of the organization: “We still do today what we started out 100 years ago; women needed to be educated on how to vote, and that’s how the league was formed.”

The League does not just work to educate voters, but to provide places to register them as well, including our own school where students of age registered to vote last Monday. In order to remind the students of their power, Goreman notes, “We’ve had some close elections lately where if another handful of people would have voted, things could have changed.” As Americans it’s important to remember the power that each voter has is substantial, and that each individual vote can change the outcome of an election.

Becoming an educated voter makes an individual aware of their community and what changes need to be done to make it a better place. As a nonpartisan organization, The League of Women Voters works to inform and help every American to be an active voter, regardless of a person’s party affiliation.

For more information on The League of Women Voters in Perrysburg, visit Perrysburg.oh.lwvnet.org or contact lwvperrysburg@gmail.com. If interested in becoming a registered voter in Ohio, visit MyOhioVote.com.

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