Mamma Mia!: A VIDEO Sneak Peak

Mamma Mia!: A VIDEO Sneak Peak

Caitlin Taylor and Noah Bunting
eSomething Staff

In the production, Sophie (Kylie Morgan) is ready to marry her fiancée Sky (Grant Hayward), except for one thing — she has never met her father and wants him present for the big day. She invites three men that she discovers in her mother’s diary and believes to be candidates. But when they all arrive, Sophie’s mother Donna (Grace Davis) becomes distressed.

As Sophie, Sky, Donna, her friends (Natalie Ondrus and Paige Paprocki) and the three potential fathers (James Bellavia, Bennett Bernhoft and Andrew Hogle) prepare for the big day, emotions run high.


Paprocki: I’m Paige Paprocki. I’m in twelfth grade and I’m playing the part of Rosie.

Bellavia: I’m James Bellavia. I am a junior and I play the part of Sam.

Bernhoft: I’m Bennett Bernhoft. I play the part of Bill and I am a junior currently.

Hogle: Hi guys, my name is Andrew Hogle and I play Harry Bright in Mamma Mia!

Davis: I’m Grace Davis and I’m a senior and I play Donna Sheridan.

Paige Paprocki: People should come see Mamma Mia! because the entire cast has put in so much hard work whether it was through crew or being in the cast. So much work has been put into the show and the set looks amazing and the dancing is amazing and the acting and the singing are all amazing.

Bernhoft: It’s basically about Donna and Sophie on this taverna and Sophie’s getting married soon and then she really wants, Sophie really wants her dads to be there. She has three potential dads and the three potential dads show up at the wedding and then stuff gets crazy.

Bellavia: I think this is more, compared to Joseph I think this is more professional. It’s more like high acting, like last year was just all singing and it was super fun, but it was like a kids’ show. But this year I think it’s more professional but Crazy for You was also super professional, too.

Paprocki: Mamma Mia! is amazing.

Bellavia: Mamma Mia! is spectacular.

Bernhoft: Mamma Mia! is extravagant

Davis: Mamma Mia! is fun.

Hogle: Mamma Mia! is Abba-solutely awesome.

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