Varsity Football Stays Strong Throughout Tough Season

Varsity Football Stays Strong Throughout Tough Season

Lucas Fiscus
eSomthin Staff

The 2018 football season has ended for Perrysburg with a major victory over Maumee. Sadly, this year has been plagued with injuries that kept Perrysburg away from the playoffs.

Jackets and Panthers line up.
Jackets and Panthers line up.
Photographer: Shane Fite

In the middle of the season, it was easy to see multiple injured players lining the field. This year Perrysburg went 4-6, which is a far cry from the optimistic predictions given at the beginning of the season.

The overall season record went as follows:



Perrysburg v. Dublin Coffman: lost 42-21

Perrysburg v. Saint John Jesuit: lost 19-7

Perrysburg v. Whitmer: lost 45-15

Perrysburg v. Napoleon: lost 13-6

Perrysburg v. Southview: won 21-0

Perrysburg v. Bowling Green: won 41-28

Perrysburg v. Anthony Wayne: lost 42-0

Perrysburg v. Springfield: lost 32-12

Perrysburg v. Northview: won 28-7

Perrysburg v. Maumee: won 49-14

Jackets defensive line.
Jackets defensive line.
Photographer: Shane Fite

While we may have not have had a winning season, it’s important to look at the many victories on and off the field. Our football team overcame many injuries, they had never seemed defeated or doubtful about the team’s quality, and the varsity took back the Ding-Dong Bell in an amazing victory against Maumee.

Maybe the numbers don’t show it, but students should still have pride in our football program and those who put in the work on and off the field to make sure you can take pride in your school. Have faith, and keep showing school pride for all activities, go Jackets!

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