Podcast: Somethin’ or Nothin’ — Spirit Week 2018

Podcast: Somethin’ or Nothin’ — Spirit Week 2018

Ainsley Sutter, Kennedy Rowley, & Isabel Palmer
eSomethin Staff


Kennedy: Welcome back to Somethin or Nothin.

Isabel: This week we have, Isabel, Ainsley, and Kennedy.

Ainsley: And we’re discussing Maumee Week-

Kennedy: -and how to dress for it-

Isabel: with ideas for each sprit day.

Ainsley: This is episode three of Somethin’ or Nothin’.  Will spirit week be something or nothing?

Kennedy: So Monday is Decades day.

Isabel: There is no set decade for each grade.

Ainsley: So, basically, just wear clothes from any decade, except for this one.

Kennedy: For the ‘60s interesting patterned dress, tie-dye and peace signs. ‘70s, bell bottoms and flowery shirts, ‘80s, big hair, bright colors, and for the ‘90s, everything bulky.

Kennedy: So, what do you guys think? Is this something or nothing?

Ainsley: I think it’s gonna be somethin’ because we get to make other generations come to life.

Isabel: I agree with you because it — like –people get to like things back, but it’s kind of hard because it’s not set for each grade.

Ainsley: That’s right it should be kind of set so you can tell the freshmen, the sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Isabel: Tuesday is Destination Day, with freshman wearing Alaskan clothes, so dress like it’s cold. Sophomores are Hawaiian, so dress with the warmth in mind. Juniors dress for Seattle, don’t forget your fanny pack. Seniors are Texas, so get your country on.

Kennedy: I think that this idea is kind of nothing because it’s pretty lame. I mean there isn’t much going on, it’s not like one of those crazy, out-there days, because those crazy out-there days seem like there like they are a lot cooler than all the other ones. Like, how do you dress for Seattle or Alaska?  I mean, for Alaska, you dress [for] cold but that’s just like basic clothes.

Ainsley: I disagree with you. I think it will be very fun because you get to see the different places and the grades are separated so that makes it kind of more fun.

Isabel: I agree, but it’s kind of hard to tell what you are gonna wear because we don’t really know how to dress for Seattle like if you know what I mean.

Ainsley: Yeah, but none of us are juniors so that’s not a big deal for us.

Ainsley: So, Wednesday is character day, so wear your favorite movie, book, or tv show character.

Ainsley: So will this be something or nothing?

Kennedy: This will be something, I think, because its like really out there so you can do whatever you want with it and I feel like we are going to see some interesting characters like I hope that this will be something kind of funny to see.

Isabel: I agree with you.  Last year, Meme Day was like a really big hit and I think this one. Everyone just gets to express themselves through their favorite character so I think it’s going to be fun.

Ainsley: I do not like character day and I never have I just think it’s really difficult to pick one and it’s just rough but that’s just me.

Kennedy: Okay, so, Thursday is generation day, freshmen are babies, sophomore parents, junior elders, and the seniors, of course, are ancient, so they are in togas.

Kennedy: What do you guys think something or nothing here?

Ainsley: I think it’s gonna be something because we get to wear our onesies to school and that going to be really comfortable.

Isabel: I think its something because it’s like kind of tradition of some sorts because everyone looks forward to this especially the seniors.

Kennedy: I also think it’s something because  — like — I’ve heard about this since like frickin’ junior high, so I like think this seems like a great idea and I am excited to finally be a part of it.

Isabel: And lastly Friday is spirit day! Wear your Maul Maumee shirts, and all of your Perrysburg swag.

Ainsley: This will be somethin’. Perrysburg has such great spirit so hopefully we are going to pack the stands at 7 at the Steinecker Stadium for the game.

Kennedy: Yeah! This will so be something we need to get that gold bell back and defeat Maumee!

Isabel: I think that this is something because everyone looks forward to this and last year we lost the bell after having it for three years, and I think that this is our change do redeem ourselves.

Ainsley: Well this concludes episode 3 of Somethin or Nothin.

Ainsley: I’m Ainsley.

Kennedy: I’m Kennedy.

Isabel: I’m Isabel.

Everyone: And this was Somethin or Nothin.



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