eSomethin Places in CSPA

eSomethin Places in CSPA

By Chelsea Fisher
eSomethin Editor-In-Chief 

CSPA stands for Columbia Scholastic Press Association, an international student journalism program out of Columbia University in New York City. 2017-2018 marks the third year in a row that eSomethin has won a gold medal from CSPA.  This year eSomethin scored 812 points among CSPA’s three-category rubric of essentials, verbal, and visual.

[quote]”I am very proud of the work my students have done to earn this reward. Perrysburg High School has a rich history of student journalism and we want to honor it.”[/quote] Said eSomethin adviser and English teacher Tim Kitson.

eSomethin was established in 2012 branching off the Somethin, a PHS’s newspaper dating all the way back to 1922.

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