Cote’s Crazy for “Crazy for You”

Cote’s Crazy for “Crazy for You”

Leah Cote
eSomethin Staff

On Thursday night, I had the excellent experience to see the spring musical held at Perrysburg High School, Crazy For You. Perrysburg’s theatre department’s talent is magnificent. From set construction, to vocals, to costumes, you name it! Each cast member individually expressed their roles with so much talent. The hard work the cast has done throughout these past months absolutely was shown.  

In this story, Bobby Child (played by senior Jack Xiao) has romance with Polly Baker (played by senior Madelyn Kay Dirrim). The story is based upon Bobby trying to not lose his relationship with Polly, due to his directions to foreclose on a theatre, very important to her. The play is centered around Bobby trying to win Polly’s heart, and with that he is trying to save the theatre by holding a play.  Senior Jack Xiao did an extraordinary job at Bobby’s role. From the tap dancing to the songs, he had it all. Senior Madelyn Kay Dirrim as the part of Polly was the perfect fit. Dirrim sang the songs beautifully and did a outstanding job acting. The humor portrayed was the perfect blend between comedy and romance.

The different songs and dances were amazing to say the least! The Follies girls were incredible! The group of actors involved with this role were amazing singers, but also dancers. The tap dancing was top notch! As for the cowboys, not only were they hilarious, but insanely talented vocalists too. The Orchestra (Pit), directed by Michael Smith, in this production did an OUTSTANDING job. The production simply would not be the same without the wonderful music echoed to add just the right effect. Musically, the show was amazing Nicole Spadafore, the music director, and the vocal coach and accompanist, Garrett Leininger,  did a stunning job. These vocalists definitely shined this musical, as always, and it was a beautiful job done.

The Costume design, by Marla Adams (Dreamweavers), was FANTASTIC! From the fun tutu’s, or the classic western look, it was remarkable! Assisted by the set design, by Perry King, could not have gotten anymore excellent. The amount of different sets, from the hotel, to the different New York scenes, there was a great amount of variety, which made it very eye catching. Along with,t he car in the production too did make it seem all the more realistic and was a very interesting touch to the scenes.

To say the least, this musical was absolutely amazing. Every Spring, PHS holds amazing productions that never disappoint. Director, Robert Gentry, has done a amazing job this year, as always.

Every year it is incredible to go down to the auditorium and see the theatre department express their amazing talent. It is very exciting to see how far they have come! If you haven’t seen it yet, there are more shows! The cast and crew have worked so hard on this production, and you won’t be disappointed! April 27-30. Come and support your local theatre departments awesome show this year!


Tickets are $13.  

Friday- 7:30 pm.

Saturday-7:30 pm.

Sunday- 2:30 pm

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