Staff Member at PHS Becomes U.S. Citizen

Staff Member at PHS Becomes U.S. Citizen

Leah Cote
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A new addition to the United States of America, and to Perrysburg High School, is main office secretary Debbie Schankula! Schankula became a U.S citizen on Wednesday, November 9, and described the experience as exciting. A question asked to  Schankula what it was like becoming an American citizen recently, and to sum up the overall experience, she described it is as exciting and a long process because it has been 10 years since they’ve been here, so finally they have the settle, and no having to worrying to not be able to stay here, it’s exciting and finally is relaxed.

 A question was what made Schankula  chose America,
she described it was mainly like most immigrants, the opportunities. United States offered us opportunities that we couldn’t get in Canada, even though they are both similar and relatively close there
were some opportunities that we couldn’t get in Canada.

Conflict in the 2016 presidential primary had many considering a move to Canada from the United States, not the other way around. Asking Schankula if she had
any comments on that, she 
responded with, “Good luck to those people because the taxes are very high, saying that’s what supports their free health care. But, it’s a wonderful country; they should try it,” Schankula says.

Lastly, the question was asked, how awesome it was so far to be an American so far, or maybe it’s not so awesome yet? She responded, “It is wonderful,  Americans have a great sense of pride in their country and it is  nice to finally be able to say she is part of that”. Overall, this experience into citizenship sounds like a long process, and to say the least, Congratulations to Schankula on becoming a U.S citizen!images






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