Senior Car Giveaway…it could be YOU!

Senior Car Giveaway…it could be YOU!

Leah Cote
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Are you a senior? Do you want a car? If so, this applies to you! Every year Perrysburg High School holds the Senior Car Giveaway. It is a great way to award students for their academic accomplishments, and celebrate accomplishments throughout students’ high school careers.

Teri Gregg, the principal’s secretary and administrator of the senior car giveaway, gave eSomethin information this year’s event.  Celebrating these accomplishments are a great way to reward students who have worked hard throughout high school.

Gregg stated guidelines that are required and are very straight forward. To be eligible to be drawn for the car provided by Taylor Hyundai, each student has to have a “A” present per quarter (1,2,3) and will be considered eligible for being drawn into the car giveaway. But, there are other ways to get an opportunity!

Teacher recommendations can earn entires, too.  Also, it is possible for athletics the student is involved in to recommend them. Also, there are ways to not be considered for the drawing, which include a discipline record, then the student is not considered eligible.

Image Credits: The Blade by Dave Zapotosky

So, what really happens at these car giveaways and how does the lucky winner win?

On May 18, the event will take place in the auditorium and 3 cars will be placed on stage. All the students that are eligible, their names will be placed in a bin that will be drawn from. From there, 10 names will be drawn from the bin along with 10 envelopes. At the count of three, any student present with a picture of a key will have a number on it either being 1,2, or 3. The numbers correspond to the order each senior will pick a car. With that, only one key will start the car, and whoever has the lucky key wins the car!

Fun Fact: The first year that the Senior Car Giveaway started it took place in 2010, a student who had only entered once won the car! Chances are endless!

The car awarded this year is a 2017 Hyundai Elentra. Also, this giveaway also applies to Perrysburg Penta students and CCP students! So, keep May. 18 on your calendars! It could be a chance for you to win a new car.

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