Blood Drive, Save Lives

Blood Drive, Save Lives

Sophie Staats and Bailee Brown
eSomethin Staff

Blood Drive sign (Photo Credits: Sophie Staats)

Perrysburg is back at it again, saving lives. On Monday, April 24th, 2017, Perrysburg High School had their second Blood Drive of the year. There were over 80 people who wanted to help. Each student is allowed to donate one pint of their blood, and one pint helps save three lives. This event is important to so many people, and our school is lucky to be part of a huge contribution.

Each volunteer donates one pint of blood, but it is either whole red or “power red blood.” Whole red blood is withdrawing the blood, along with everything in it; “power red blood” takes two pints of blood, keeping only the red blood cells. This allows everything else in the blood to be given back, and saline is added. The donations of blood go to the Red Cross and are sent to whoever needs it. In October, at our last blood drive, we collected 55 pints of blood. These donations came only from people available in the high school. Some of our consistent donors include Rick Rettig, Amy Farrar, and Ryan Williams.

Ryan Williams: band teacher and donor (Photo Credits: Sophie Staats)

While attending the blood drive, two volunteers, Darcy Cavanagh and Emily Kerr, gave interesting information. Emily Kerr, a usual donor, suggested: “if you give blood, eat before”. It is important to always make sure you are not hungry before giving blood. Cavanagh also mentioned to “keep drinking and stay hydrated”. Water prevents feeling dizzy after donating your blood. Always make sure to keep yourself well nourished and rested in order to be a great donor.

After talking to the NHS volunteers, we had a chance to speak with Ryan Williams. This concert band teacher has been giving blood for 8 years. Specifically, since [he] was a “senior in high school”. He made it look easy as he was relaxed and making jokes before giving blood. Mr. Williams is definitely a pro when it came to saving lives.

Another donor, Courtney Lucas, decided to donate when stu

Courtney Lucas: junior and donor (Photo Credits: Sophie Staats)

dents walked around the cafeteria asking for volunteers. She plans to attend the blood drive next year and advises, “when they are putting a needle in your arm, don’t look.

Hopefully next blood drive we will collect even more blood, and in turn, save even more lives! Thank you to all the donors, volunteers, nurses, and Mr. Ziems for leading this memorable event.


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