Snow Rituals

Caitlin Taylor
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Picture This…

A dry coldness roams throughout the space around you when suddenly a soft white flake of snow breaks the perpetual chill. The single snow crystal gently falls  just a few inches from your range. Your eyes trace its path down until it settles on a spheric stone. Upon closer inspection the uniqueness of small work of art makes its presence known. It doesn’t matter if snow is your favorite experience or a suspecting dread, at some point in time during a snowfall, we have all taken a moment to appreciate the beauty of a single flake of snow.

Ohio has exceptionally fickle weather patterns. For the students of Perrysburg this means the chances of a school delay or cancellation are unpredictable. Over the years though students have identified a system that is a fun, though superstitious, way of increasing the odds in the favor of a good ol’ snow storm. The night-before snowstorm rituals have been in effect for years. If you haven’t been filled in on the ways of the wise, here’s a list to introduce you to the Perrysburg High School Snow Rituals:

One of the classics, and one of the more well known rituals, is the Ice Cube Flush. This literally is, exactly how is sounds. It is the act of flushing ice cubes down the toilet. This might have become a ritual because this might help freeze the pipes.

Sleeping with a spoon under the pillow, and with your pajamas inside out, and backwards, are two other Snow Storm Rituals. The spoon under the pillow symbolizes the catching of snow within the bowl. Having your pajamas inside out and backwards represents the opposition to normality. A normal Monday through Friday is spent at school. By opposing normality, the chances of a irregular school delay or cancellation is increased.

Here’s to hoping for more hours to sleep and days spent making snowmen and drinking hot chocolate. Have a lovely winter season PHS.

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