Planning & surviving Black Friday

Planning & surviving Black Friday


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Tips on how to attack year’s busiest shopping day

By Morgan Gnepper
eSomethin Staff

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we all know what follows.

No, we’re not talking about Ol’ Saint Nick, we mean Black Friday. The most anticipated and exciting part of the year following Christmas and tax season. We’ll try to offer help for you to plan and outline your hectic day.

First things first, decide on a budget at least a week prior to the big day. Determine how much you can spend without it becoming pointless and ending up with you losing more money than what is worth. Next, collect as many ads and flyers for as many stores as you possibly can.

Stores spend billions of dollars a year highlighting and promoting their deals, so take advantage of all they have to offer you. Once you’ve collected all the “paperwork,” try to spend your money wisely and determine how best to blow out your money. It’s best to make a list of items that you want to buy before heading out.

Fan of the midday rush or the early am stampede? Keep in mind that on Black Friday, time is your enemy. Get in, get it, get out. Grab a friend and head out around about two hours before the store opens to wait in line. Make sure to wear plenty of layers and maybe bring hot cocoa to keep you warm in the frigid temperatures.

Once you walk in the store, keep a cool composure. It’s easy to get very overwhelmed at the entrance of any store on Black Friday. People will be frantic and rushing, but make sure to keep your wits about yourself and not pick any fights. If anyone tries to start conflict, give in to prevent from harming yourself or your companions.

At the end of the day, treat yourself to something sweet for having survived a successful Black Friday shopping extravaganza. [/column]
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Long hours, rude customers miserable for workers

By Ashlin Smart
eSomethin Staff

Working on Black Friday is frightening.

Not only do you have to get up at an unreasonable time to get to work, you have to deal with annoying customers who argue with you over certain coupons that they think they should be able to use on deals – although they are already saving about $20 – and then customers who get mad when you have run out of the items they want.

Last year was my first time working Black Friday, and working in general. JC Penney’s had decided that they were going open on Thanksgiving, which angered some employees.

“I had to miss thanksgiving dinner,” said Raechel McKay. “I worked until 1:30 a.m., then came back (for a) 7-3 the next day. I absolutely hated it.” she follows up to say, “The customers we’re so rude too, besides the few who felt bad because they realized just how exhausted we were.”

Allie Wacha, another employee, and student at Anthony Wayne, had mixed feelings about working.

“It was my first day, so I actually liked it because I like meeting new people, but it was very hectic,” she said. “Customers are typically pretty nice, but there are always those few people who are very rude.”

Working on Black Friday for me was terrible. Customers were very rude and told me that I wasn’t sure how to do my job, and that I shouldn’t be working there if I couldn’t get them the item they wanted, which was totally out of my control. Plus, I was completely stressed because of the long hours I had to work, how many people were there, and how rude they were.

So next time you go Black Friday shopping, be nice to the employees so they don’t go insane. [/column]


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