Levy passage important to community and its children


To the voters of the Perrysburg community,

Perrysburg is a special place. It is special because of its geography, its history, its sense of pride. Our people bring diverse talents yet work in harmony to create a community. The cornerstone of our community is our school system; it is integral to Perrysburg pride. Perrysburg Schools is who we are.

Perrysburg’s music and theatre program is one of our crown jewels — a program so dynamic and so accomplished that we regularly are selected as a top 100 music program in the nation. Our students learn vocal music from kindergarten through grade 12, strings from grades 5 through 12 and band from grades six through 12.

Music is a key component of any quality education. Music supports all subjects ; music connects the senses to the intellect. Music is a language. It requires students to interpret, to interact, to perform.

Music is in peril if our levy does not pass. Vocal music 6-12 will likely lose directors. Vocal, Orchestra, Band and Theatre electives will likely be severely cut back. One of Perrysburg’s greatest accomplishments, one of our stunning successes, risks being less than ordinary. And with that loss will go opportunity. Opportunity cannot knock if there is no door.

As parents of Perrysburg music and theatre students, we ask voters to consider carefully what is at stake with this levy. Our young people have the world at their feet. This is their moment and it is not a moment that they can get back. Perrysburg has always provided a banquet of opportunity with choices of art, music, theatre, foreign language, honors classes, athletics. Our curriculum and our teachers have consistently built great students who have become productive and successful members of society. Our students do us proud. They touch the future.

Please vote to keep what we have, remembering that our schools are a reflection of who we are.

And come to a concert. Come to a play. Come to an exhibit. These kids will leave you breathless. Come and see what our kids, this community’s kids, can do.

Thank you for your support.

Perrysburg Band Boosters
Perrysburg Orchestra Boosters
Perrysburg Theatre Boosters
Perrysburg Vocal Music Boosters


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