Costume Day conundrum resolved

Perrysburg High School students on Wednesday take part in the annual Costume Day, which was canceled but then reinstated.


This week, students at Perrysburg High School enjoyed the annual Spirit Days wearing pajamas to school, dressing patriotically, and dressing in crazy costumes, but the beloved Costume Day took a bit of fighting for.

Although it had previously been announced that Wednesday would be Costume Day, students soon found out the administration was canceling and replacing Costume Day with Hawaiian Day and that students would no longer be permitted to wear costumes to school.

“They closed [Costume Day] because of a recent school shooting where someone copied the Colorado theater shooting while in costume”, said Student Counsel Adviser  Kevin English.

Upon hearing the news, students were disappointed because Costume Day had become a tradition to look forward to before Halloween.

“Besides the day we get to wear togas, costume day is my favorite,” said senior Emily Wyrick.  “It’s fun to see what everyone wears.”

In the end, because of student opposition, it was agreed and finally announced that Costume Day would be acceptable as long as students refrained from wearing masks.

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So on Wednesday, Batman, Popeye, Mickie Mouse, and even Taylor Swift showed up to school alongside other fun costumes.

“I think Costume Day was so fun,” said senior Julia Edinger. “Dr. [Michael] Short listened to our ideas and what the students wanted, I respect that. Everyone was safe and spirited and hopefully the costume tradition will live on.”

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