A guide to COVID Halloween!

A guide to COVID Halloween!

Clara Burkin, Lauren Gorcz
eSomethin’ staff

In order to keep people safe, the celebration of the spookiest season of the year looks a little different. Here are some fantastically haunting Halloween ideas that keep you safe from COVID-19:

Movies with friends over facetime: This can be a fun activity to do if you are lonely and don’t want to watch your horror movies by yourself anymore. Many apps like Facetime, SyncPlay, and TwoSeven allows ways to watch movies with friends from a distance.

Pumpkin picking: This task may be a common Halloween activity, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less enjoyable during quarantine. Go get yourself a pumpkin and carve that baby for everyone to see! Take photos and send them to quarantining family members and friends to cheer them up. This is such a fun activity for the whole family!

Halloween care packages (sent through mail): Fill with Halloween treats such as candy, Halloween-themed plushies, pumpkin scented candles and soaps, Halloween masks, etc. Show your friends and how much you care about them, especially those that have to stay in quarantine. Simply pick cute items from the store or online, put them in a festive basket, and send it on its way!

Halloween-themed mask competitions: Go to the store and buy yourself a Halloween mask. You can even make your own! Have a competition with friends to see whose is best. You can even put a poll on your Instagram to see what all your friends think.

Socially-distanced costume contests: Find a nice park and invite some friends. You can all dress up and stay six feet apart. Maybe find some nice people going for a walk to judge your contest. Prizes can be awarded in a safe, COVID friendly way by creating a prize, and then sanitizing it so that a minimal amount of people touch it, reducing the possible spread of Covid.

Halloween Dessert
A delicious sweet Halloween Rice crispy treat. Photographer: Clara Burkin

Face-time Halloween treat competitions:Baking competitions are always fun, especially when there can be spooky themes to go along with it. Whether you decided to make Frankenstein’s monster or ghost brownies, make sure to Face-time all your buddies and show off your freshly baked Halloween treats. Bonus points if everyone does it!

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