Disney Pixar Short Touches the Hearts of Animal Lovers

Disney Pixar Short Touches the Hearts of Animal Lovers

Chelsea Fisher
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Disney Pixar’s Youtube channel has recently uploaded multiple short films than can be viewed for free.

Kitbull follows the story of a stray kitten who lives in a fenced-in yard of a broken down building that gets a new neighbor.

Many fans have been waiting for Disney to produce a project which paints pit bulls in a positive light to increase support and adoption rates of the breed.

Several men are seen bringing in a wooden dog crate and the next morning the nameless kitten meets a big white pit bull. The skittish kitten is terrified of his new roommate, hissing and arching his back, yet the dog wants to make friends. The next day the dog is very excited when his “owner” comes outside, but to the dog’s disappointment, he is only there to give him a new collar connected to a heavy metal chain. He can no longer reach his kitten friend, but they still play by passing a bottle cap back and forth.

The next night, the dog is shown being kicked out of the building and rolling sadly down the stairs covered in fresh cuts. His owner is in the doorway and muffled yelling and barking coming from inside, implying a dog fighting club. He whines and paws at the door to be let back in and the retreats to his crate.

A screenshot from Disney Pixar's Kitbull on Youtube showing a small black kitten playing with a big white pit bull
A screenshot from Disney Pixar’s Kitbull on Youtube

In the morning, the kitten goes into the dog’s crate to see if he’s ok. When he first steps in, the dog begins growling. The kitten starts to retreat but then pauses, you can see him think “Hey, I do that when I’m scared.”

The cat crawls up next to the dog and begins licking his cuts to help them heal. The dog’s tail starts wagging. When they hear the door start to open, the kitten runs to his box to hide and the dog cowers. The kitten shows the dog how he takes uses a plank of wood as a ramp to climb past the fence and the dog follows him.

The final scene is the dog and the kitten playing in a park. The dog is wearing a bright orange bandana and all of his cuts have healed and scarred over.

When Finding Nemo debuted, sales of clown fish and tangs spiked. Pit bulls have been vilified for years both in Hollywood and real life. This short film details the heartbreaking truth of what many dogs go through is silently advocating for justification and rescue of pit bulls. The short is free to watch on Disney Pixar’s Youtube and, unlike other Disney films, this one has a 100% happy ending!

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