Winter One Acts: An Emotional Roller Coaster of Tear-Filled Laughs

Winter One Acts: An Emotional Roller Coaster of Tear-Filled Laughs

Caitlin Taylor
eSomethin Staff

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Come see Perrysburg High School’s Winter One Acts! The Winter One Acts are unique in that they consist of 3 short, 1-act plays. Our “emotional roller coaster” begins with the first act bringing out those deep-belly aching laughs. Then we move to deep thoughts during the serious second act. Comedic relief arrives in the 3rd and final act to leave the audience with a good, heart-felt experience.

Video Transcript:

Rob Gentry: “My name is Rob Gentry and I am the director of the Winter One Acts. So we have three one-act plays. The first one is called Present Tense and it is a comedy about a teenager, played by Grant Hayward, who has a steady girlfriend and is ready to take her to the prom, but in his fantasy world he believes she’s cheating on him with her old boyfriend Doug Willard, who is the hunk of the school.

Our second play is called Lockdown. This is a serious play. It’s about some students who are in a high school classroom during a lockdown and they don’t know whether or not it is a drill or whether or not it is the real thing. So it is more of an intense show.

And then finally we end with one last comedy that’s called Hamlet. It is a spoof of Hamlet — and you can hear some of the sound effects going on right now — and it is really just a silly take-off. What happens is that the Drama Club has gone broke so they get sponsors to sponsor the show and so we have all kinds of things like act 5 is sponsored by Beaches Family Resorts, one act is sponsored by Disney. So they all put their own twists to the story of Hamlet.”

Grant Hayward: “Grant Hayward. I am a senior and I play Norm in Present Tense. Present Tense is about Norm who’s a jealous, angsty teenager who is jealous about his girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend. And basically about what’s going on through his mind and what’s happening and pretty much how things are solved.”

Jordan Hood: “Jordan Hood. I am a Junior and my name is Tyler Barnette. Lockdown is about a group of kids who are trapped in their classroom. And supposedly there’s a lockdown drill going on, but they don’t really know what’s going on. They don’t have a lot of information. The teacher runs out into the hallway to chase after a student and so they’re all left alone in there. The fire alarm goes off and some crazy things start happening and it’s all about them like not knowing what’s going on and like thinking of all the possible things and trying to distract themselves and like the real life idea of that happening.”

Paige Paprocki: “Paige Paprocki.”
Elliot Schmittenberg: “Elliot Schmittenberg.”
Paige: “I’m a senior and I play Queen Gertrude.”
Elliot: “and I’m also a senior and I’m her Husband King Claudius.”
Paige: “My character’s really stupid. So kind of an air-head, but kind of fun to play.”
Elliot: “and my dude’s just… just evil.”
Paige: “Yeah he’s kind of mean.”
Elliot: “That’s about it.”
Paige: “Kind of nasty.”
Elliot: “Just evil and plotting.”

Gentry: “The Winter One Acts open this Thursday which is January 25th. We have shows this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm. Additionally we have shows next weekend on Thursday January 31, and Friday February 1st, Saturday February 2nd at 7:30pm and our final show is on Sunday February 3rd at 2:30pm. Bonus: Perrysburg High School Students get half price tickets for opening night. Only $4.00. You can get tickets – we sell them before school in front of guidance or you can also buy them an hour before curtain at the box office. And we also sell them online. The web address to go to is”

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