VIDEO: Robotics Club Takes Up Drone Racing

VIDEO: Robotics Club Takes Up Drone Racing

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The Robotics Club was taught to control flying drones, Wednesday, after the school day, in the Media Center. Instructors from Challenger Learning Center in Oregon, Ohio arrived to show the Robotics Club how to properly lift, fly, and land the flying objects.

Two students listen to instructor on flying drones.
Two Robotics club members recieve instruction on flying drones.

Drone-flying is not as easy as it might appear, “It’s very hard. I’m not very good at it,” says freshman, Ashley Murray.  It is still enjoyable, though: “It’s fun, doing something different, like this.”

However, this was not just an afternoon activity. Before the arrival of the instructors, Mr. Thomas Ziems sat down with his Robotics Club members to discuss the name of a team for drone racing, planning to fly drones in a competition at Penta Career Center: “There’s a bigger group for drone racing and those kind of things similar to that.”

Mr. Ziems watches as Freshmen Ashley Murray (right), Chloe Toon (middle), and Calista Grantham (right) fly drones.

The name decided on by the club was the Perrysburg High School Fighting Yellow Jackets Drone Racing.

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