Parking Helpers at Football Games

Parking Helpers at Football Games

Drake Harlett
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Question: who are the high school students that help visitors park at home football games?

The high school students in the parking lot are trying to help and fundraise for a specific sport they are playing. The coaches help out in the parking lot as well. Players and coaches from various teams help direct the people into parking spots to help control the chaos each week.

They have a specific system to help people get their spots. First, a group of volunteers stand in a line formation. Then, the volunteers wave traffic to the correct parking lot to park in. If you are just dropping off someone, you go to the left and drop them off by the gates. After arriving to the parking lot, you will see another small group of volunteers where cars have already been parked. Their job is to help the people park in even rows of two vehicles.

The high school parking lot (photo credit: Drake Harlett)

By helping park cars, the volunteers fundraise for their sporting team. This is an easier option and helps the school community. Fundraising is very important to the sports teams. It helps them to fund new uniforms, equipment, and other team necessities.

The golf and wrestling teams have been helping park cars for this football season so that people can parked at the game as safely as possible.

You may be wondering if anyone do this. Yes, anyone can volunteer, it helps out people who do not know the area that well around the football field to get to their parking spots as quickly and safely as possible. All you need to do if you want to do help people to their parking is contact John Henline at the high school.

Henline can be reached at the address below if your team wants to do the parking lot:
[email protected]

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