Back-to-School Bonfire Makes a HOT Start to the School Year

Back-to-School Bonfire Makes a HOT Start to the School Year

Caitlin Taylor
eSomethin Staff

As the fire grew brighter, so did the spirit hype at the first student bonfire of the year, Wednesday, August 15th. Pride club helped welcome students back to school with free pizza, games, and a roaring fire behind the school.

Students from all grades were excited to gather ’round and celebrate finishing their first day back to school. Music, speeches and mic drops flooded the speakers, flowing straight into the crowds. The boys soccer team brought their spirit and encouraged potential fans to come to the first home soccer game of the year.  They even led a cheer to provoke the pride that is held within every yellow jacket.

Perrysburg has a culture of strong school spirit.  Last school year the yellow jacket student section was named “Student Section of the Year” by the Buckeye Cable Sports Network (BCSN).

Pride Club Advisor and Social Studies teacher, Mr. Ron Degregorio, said, “we’ve got good momentum (from last year), and I think we’re going to continue and have an even better year this year.”   

Arjun Ravi Shankar, a student of the freshman class, felt fired up for Wednesday’s bonfire with high expectations. Shankar came to the bonfire because he “heard there would be spike ball and corn hole.”

Perrysburg Junior, Taylor Turner, came to “support the school, and [her] sister is a freshman, so [also to] help welcome her to high school.”

High school senior, Cailin Speer, was looking to “end [her] first day back to high school on a high note.” She decided the best way to do that was to go to one of Perrysburg High School’s legendary bonfires!

Students came for a plethora of reasons, but one commonality they all have, which they may not even realize, is that with their unity stimulates the hype for this new year and all that it holds.

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