Froshfest 2018 Was “Out of This World”

Froshfest 2018 Was “Out of This World”

Jacob Prokup
eSomethin Staff

PHS Student Council takes on the leadership role for various events throughout the school year. During the end of the school year, one of the most prominent events is the annual Froshfest, a festival for incoming freshman to tour the high school and become introduced to various clubs, organizations that PHS has to offer, and a basic rundown of how the high school day works.

Sophomore in the Froshfest crowd
Sophomore Noah Mceachern in the crowd at Froshfest

“I love Froshfest and I hope the 8th graders love it too,” sophomore Noah McEachern says.

With Froshfest being a yearly tradition, each year has a different theme, and this year’s Student Council looked to stars when they picked out the theme of space.  The freshmen got to be Pluto, sophomores were Saturn, juniors were Neptune, seniors chose Jupiter, and the exec board was the Sun, collectively.

“I was a new student 8th-grade year and it opened me up to the school. It is a great icebreaker for meeting new people at the high school,” junior Madison Fisher said.

The day begins as 8th-graders are led by student council onto a bus headed to the high school. When the buses arrive at the school, the 8th graders are met with a human tunnel made up of all the high school volunteers.

Through all the excitement, everyone is brought into the gym where the exec board of Student Council gives short speeches and some of the faculty like principal Michael Short and athletic director Chuck Jaco.

After all the talking, the incoming freshmen get to play a few ice-breaking games, then go into the auditorium to watch a video that shows off all that the school has to offer. This is when the grade is split up into three groups: one is in the auditorium to play some more get-to-know-you games.

Eighth grader sitting in the stands of Froshfest
Eighth-grader Karter Chambers Photo Credit: Jacob Prokup

The second group is in the gym, which is filled with booths that showcase a lot of the clubs and sports in the school.

“I’m excited to join the high school, and I’m looking forward to trying out for baseball” Karter Chambers an 8th-grader said.

Finally, the last group is given tours of the building. Each group of students go through all three of these events and have a lunch in between them.

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