Last-Chance Study Hacks for the SAT

Last-Chance Study Hacks for the SAT

Chelsea Fisher
eSomethin Editor-In-Chief

Juniors here at PHS will be taking the SAT on Tuesday, April 10th, at 8:30am. The test will last roughly three hours so students will be released shortly after 11:30 am. Only juniors will be required to come to school, while underclassmen and seniors will not have school on Tuesday.

Here are some simple study tips:

  • When reading a passage with multiple choice questions, scan the questions before reading so you know what you’re looking for.
  • Eat a mint while studying and while taking the test, not only does peppermint help you focus but having the same taste in your mouth will jog your memory!
  • Only use the SAT sites that are approved by The College Board.  Others do not have the same grading systems and can give wrong information.
    • Use the SAT official website as a reference.
  • Make sure to get enough sleep since these tests are in the morning. Know your body and how much sleep you need to perform your best, then make sure you get that amount.
  • Eat a full, but not too full, breakfast and do not drink too much.
  • Do not worry about finishing early.  Use all of your time.
  • Use the resources provided by Khan Academy.
  • Skip the questions you don’t know and go back towards the end of that section.
  • Study for about 20 minutes at a time instead of cramming.  Short study sessions are shown to be more effective.

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