New Mayor Mackin is Crackalackin

New Mayor Mackin is Crackalackin

By Sophia Walcher
eSomethin Staff

Out of the many outcomes that came from the election November 7th, one of the new faces of Perrysburg legislature is the mayor.

Thomas Mackin beat former Mayor Michael Olmstead 64% to 36%, meaning that Mackin had almost twice as many people vote for him as people voted for Olmstead. Olmstead ran as a Republican and Mackin ran as an independent, though he is a registered Democrat.

Mayor Mackin (credit: The Blade)

Mackin has been a long time Perrysburg resident and was previously on city council from 1998-2015. His image throughout the campaign is one of commitment. On the “Backin’ Mackin for Mayor” website, examples are given towards Mackin’s commitment to family, leadership, and career. He coached the PYSA soccer, PABSA baseball, and Jr. Jacket and CYO basketball teams his kids were on, and he and his wife have lead scouting and church programs.

After becoming a resident of Perrysburg in 1990, Mackin became a member of Perrysburg’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee in 1998. He also is a representative for Perrysburg on the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Government and served on their Executive Committee and Board of Trustees.

When it comes to career, Mackin has also proven his capabilities. After entering private practice following his graduation, he remained there until 2015 when he joined the Lucas Metropolitan Housing Authority and took the position Chief Legal Officer. He is a member of various county Bar organizations and was president of the Toledo Junior Bar Association in 2000.

Mackin says he “is very excited about getting to work for the city at the beginning of the new year. There are several things that I would like to focus on right away.”  

He continues, “I will be working with other representatives from the area to figure out the best way for Perrysburg to receive its water supply.  I will be working with city council and other interested people from the community to formulate a strategic plan that seeks to help us control the ways in which we are growing.  I also want to continue to meet with residents to hear more of their ideas and concerns. Finally, I’d like to be sure the citizens of Perrysburg feel as if they know what is going on with the city government.”

The position of mayor runs a 4-year term and has an annual salary of $28,000.

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