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Throughout the month of February, accepted student applications to join next year’s staff.  Applications were considered based on student responses, academic record, and teacher recommendations. is proud to announce next year’s staff:

Freshmen: Sophomores:
Bella Delgado Avery Cook
Charlotte Keller Dayna Fuller
Macie Popham Zach Isaacson*
Ashley Rohrs Danielle Mercer
Riley Pierce*
Juniors: Seniors:
Chelsea Fisher* Omid Azizi*
Montana Morgan Jillian Craig
Ally Parks* James Hanneman
Jacob Prokup Connor Phlegar*
Emily Swick Sophie Walcher
Caitlin Taylor*

*indicates a returning staff member

Look for more from these great people next year!

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Correction: An earlier version of this article misspelled Jacob Prokup’s name.  Our apologies to Jacob!


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