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Leah Cote
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Field of Fear-
4550 Weckerly Road
Monclova, Ohio

On Friday night, I made my way down to Monclova, Ohio, to check out Field of Fear. The word around town was this was spooky hayride, and a terrifying corn maze. Both of those, are accurate.

(Staff at Field of Fear, photo from Facebook,

Field of Fear is not only a great way to get the October experience full of fear and laughs, but also a excellent way to get out and have some fun! From Perrysburg, Monclova is about 15-20 minutes away, and is it is DEFINITELY worth it! Their two options available are the haunted hayride, or the haunted corn maze, both at the affordable price of $7, or both for $10. I went through the hayride and the corn maze, and loved every second. From their spooky noises, crazy side effects that make it all the more scary, and even a chainsaw at the end, it was all the Halloween mood and truly was a great time!

The day I went, the lines were short which made the experience all the more better. The festive, fall atmosphere made me feel welcome, and ready for Halloween!

Now say you aren’t interested in the more scary side of things, there is still some great festive options! Pumpkins are available, a warm, cozy fire, food, and more. In all, the Field of Fear is great atmosphere for the fall feel, and definitely gets one into the Halloween, spooky mood!

If you’re looking for a great time, for cheap, and also a scare, make your way down to Field of Fear, you won’t regret it.

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