Corona-cation activities to cure your apathy

Corona-cation activities to cure your apathy

Gabi Lemerand
eSomethin staff

Want to take a break from COVID-19? If yes, then enjoy this article about things to do on your Corona-cation!

It may be hard not seeing friends and family during this tragic time, but there are still ways to keep in contact. 

One way to communicate with loved ones is Facetime. Nothing would make your grandparents smile more during the quarantine than seeing their grandchildren’s faces. Even though grandma might not be able to give you that famous hug, she still would love to talk to the family. 

A second way to connect with peers is to write old-fashioned letters. It may sound like a boring task, but writing letters to friends is very entertaining. Once you start writing, the words just keep flowing about how much you miss seeing their faces every day at school.

Next is ways to keep busy. If you are finishing your homework early and don’t know what to do with your spare time, then listen up. 

A way to keep busy is making a routine. Everybody has routines on a regular school day, but instead of lazing around, maybe add in some new things like a workout or time for creativity. Even though you may think a routine would be boring, it’s actually not. It gives enough time for everything you would want to accomplish.

When schools were open, most students woke up, went to school, did extracurriculars, finished homework, then went to bed. Now is the chance to try something new. Many people always have an activity in mind that they have always longed to try, but during our quarantine, there is way more time to accomplish it. Go on a mile run, paint a picture, redesign a room, just have fun.

One last thing is to make sure you’re taking care of yourself by giving your body and mind the attention it deserves.

Skincare is a way to burn off extra time and benefit from the results. If you’ve been struggling with acne, oily skin, dry skin, etc. then you should take up skincare. Washing your face with a bar of soap once a week doesn’t cut it. Do research about your skin type and find products or make home remedies based on your skin’s needs.

Working out is a hobby for some people, but most might not want to leave their beds. Before the outbreak, you may have gotten your steps in by walking up and down the common stairs or wandering around the halls, but now you may barely leave your room. Hardcore workouts aren’t necessarily the way to go either. Just going on a walk or bike ride will help you stay healthy and active.

Remember, you may want to go out and leave this all behind, but it’s important to social distance, sanitize, and wear masks in public to ensure the safety of yourself and others.

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