Perrysburg Students and Residents “Twist and Shout” at this year’s Senior Citizen Prom

Perrysburg Students and Residents “Twist and Shout” at this year’s Senior Citizen Prom

Grace Reiter
eSomethin Staff

On Monday, April 8th, the PHS commons filled with Perrysburg students, elderly residents, and nursing home attendants who were ready to put on their dancing shoes and get out on the dance floor! The annual Senior Citizen Prom was put on by student council members and included performances from band members, an orchestra quartet, and two choirs–women’s select and jazz singers.

At first glance, senior citizen prom does not seem like it would be an intriguing event for high school students. However, year after year, the students have just as much fun as the adults!

The night starts off with students acting as servers who take the attendees’ dinner requests. They can choose from three traditional Italian dishes catered by Olive Garden.

Once they have been served, the students sit down and get to know their guests. During this time, many different PHS music groups come out and put on a wonderful show filled with 60s, 70s, and 80s hits.

After everyone is done eating, the dance floor opens up and the students encourage guests to freestyle with them. This year, a dance instructor came and guests could also learn how to Foxtrot, a classic ballroom dance. This is many guests favorite part of the evening.

Anne Sigler, a Perrysburg resident who has come to Senior Citizen Prom the past five years, said she looks forward to the event every year. Her favorite part is the entertainment because “the kids are so entertaining and fun to be around.”

Senior Citizen Prom is a great event that is looked forward to by everyone, young and old!

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