Perrysburg Holds A Community Dialogue Against Hate

Perrysburg Holds A Community Dialogue Against Hate

Board reads Question 5 What concerns do you have about racism and hate in and around Perrysburg?
Jason Daniels asks groups to discuss a question. Photographer: Shane Fite

On April 10, nearly one hundred citizens of Perrysburg gathered to discuss aspirations for their community. They were given eight questions to write about. A facilitator at each table to kept the discussion flowing and on-topic.

The goal of this meeting was not to offer a solution. Instead, people left understanding other Perrysburg perspectives and feeling like their voices were heard.

Aiyana White, a Perrysburg student and facilitator at this event, hoped for attendees to “walk in another person’s shoes for a bit and really see what life is like outside [their] own little bubble.”

Judge Aram Ohanian engages in discussion. Photographer: Shane Fite

Several important figures in Perrysburg attended the event, such as the mayor, Tom Mackin, and the Perrysburg municipal court judge, Aram Ohanian. Many students were present as well, several of them acting as facilitators.

Man speaking with microphone
Perrysburg’s mayor speaks to the crowd. Photographer: Shane Fite

“Acting [against hate], sometimes, is also about making yourself available to participate in these types of dialogue,” moderator Jason Daniels said near the end of the event. Participants of the dialogue were encouraged to leave contact information in the middle of their tables so they can be notified of the next event.

Citizens were encouraged to continue to discuss these difficult topics in the hopes of continuing to progress the community.

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