Jackets Take Down the Panthers (with Goldfish for Dinner)

Jackets Take Down the Panthers (with Goldfish for Dinner)

Grace Reiter
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Last Friday night, the freshman, junior varsity, and varsity basketball teams all mauled Maumee with final scores being 50-15 in the freshman game, 70-24 in the JV game, and 70-32 in the varsity game.  The student section was going crazy as the players conquered our rival across the river. Seniors piled goldfish into their mouths at halftime as the players scored basket after basket after basket.

Coach David Boyce thought the game was a success:  “We had a really great start. We built the lead. The guys came off the bench and played really well, and we never had any lapses.  Then we came out in the third quarter and sort of put it away… a very complete win.”

Varsity player, Jackson Sizemore, had a great time with his teammates out on the court.  He said that they “really had a good week at practice, so we just formed together, and overall, we just came together as a team and moved the ball well, and we had a good game.”  

Mr. Chuck Jaco, the head of the athletic department, was also very pleased with the results of the game and the cheering crowd that helped lead the team to victory.  

“This was an amazing atmosphere. You couldn’t ask for a better opening game for our basketball program…I’m very pleased with the pride club, getting this together, and student council getting everything out there.  We had a full house. Couldn’t ask for a better game,” Jaco said.

It is very rare for the first home game of the season to be against Maumee.  However, the Jackets did what they do best—beat the Panthers.

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