Highlights From this Year’s STUCO Campaigns

Highlights From this Year’s STUCO Campaigns

Chelsea Fisher and Riley Pierce 
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Here are some highlights from the extremely creative student council campaigns. Underclassmen have always been known to go all out, this year we have puns, photoshop, and more! Voting for student council took place April 19th and April 20th in homeroom.

After School on April 20th, the official list for next years student council was released on Schoology by the Student Council advisor, Mr. Kevin English.

Class of 2019:  Elliott Schmittenberg, Tate Graham, Betsy Wagner, Sam Miller, Grace Benecke, Marcus Doore, Grace Davis, Gracie Chamberlain, Oliver Durham, Jesse Menke, Alex Wadell, Megan Smith, Andrew Hogle, Carlos Rodrigues

Class of 2020:  Enrique Morales, Annabella Rodzos, Allison Falls, Devin Cavanagh, Bobby Beck, Jena Koskinen, Chase Culp, Noah McEachern, Frankie Matthews, Annika Keeton, Maddy Johnson, Drew Paule, Griffin Creps, Brendan Graves

Class of 2021:  Megan Bartalsky, Claire DeRaad, Mira Adkins, Gracie Diaz, Olivia Fenneken, Sydney Staats, Kieffer Doore, Carson Schlatter, Brennan Webb, Hayden Fry, Ally Sherman, Noah English, Grace Reiter, Quinn Baumgartner, Miller Zachel

He closed the message by reminding students that you can, “Feel free to turn in an add on form by Tuesday (3:30 PM) if you did not win.  Each grade will select another 3-4 members.”

With this list released, we can not wait to see what amazing things Student Council will do next school year.

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