After Prom 2017

After Prom 2017

Caitlin Taylor
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The list of things to do for the day of prom is endless. There are hair appointments and pick-up times for dresses and suits. There is getting ready in a small bathroom with five people and one mirror. Next are pictures because they are an absolute necessity for parents. After that you have to pile every into the cars and go.

Then actual prom is an entirely different adventure. If anybody ever told you that prom was just a dance, they were wrong. It’s an entire day of excitement and fun, but with trying to cram everything into one day comes with the price of having no chance to catch your breath.

That is where After Prom comes into play.

After Prom is the time when the heels and ties come off, and the tennis shoes and t-shirts come on. After prom needs nothing but a ticket and a shirt. After the day people have had, they need a little time to just let go. Perrysburg’s after prom is set up and run by the parents of students who are devoted to offering a time for the kids to have fun in a safe environment.

The doors open at 11:30pm. When students walk in they are met with inflatables of fun, card tables, a coffee buffet to keep them going, and professional masseuses to work out those dancing aches and pains. There are also thematic temporary tattoos, a magician to put on a personal show, and music to keep the energy flowing. The fun lasts until three the next morning. To end the night on a high note, junior and senior prizes are awarded. Finally, when 3am roles around, the doors open once again. People book it to their cars, ready to go home and let their heads hit their pillows.

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