Lets Get Linked for Link Crew!

Lets Get Linked for Link Crew!

By Izzie Knestrick
eSomethin Staff 

As incoming freshmen, the first year of high school can be challenging, we all know that. Didn’t we all wish for a little more assistance through the year? Well, Perrysburg has recently adopted a new program that will surely provide comfort for the class of 2021, and in the end, link all of us together!

The Link Crew program trains sophomores and juniors to be able to assist the new freshman in becoming familiar with the halls of Perrysburg High School, and to be a source of reassurance that they are not alone during their first year of high school. This program is supposed to supply a feeling of ease and the idea that being a freshman is a once in a lifetime experience, and that it should be cherished and fulfilled to the full extent.

To present the Link Crew program, an assembly was held for the sophomores and juniors, providing the information about the program, explaining the logistics more clearly, and how they could be apart of the team!

In an interview with some students at the assembly, they expressed their excitement for the incoming program.

“I think that it is a good idea because it allows the incoming freshman to feel more welcomed,” said sophomore Kristy Herhold.


As the assembly continued, and as students were enriched with the true purpose and importance of Link Crew, sophomore Hallie Schuller expressed her positive thoughts about the new program.

“I really enjoyed [the assembly] and thought it would be a good program to join.”

“And do you think this program will truly help new freshmen become acclimated with the atmosphere of Perrysburg High School?”


Overall, Link Crew received positive feedback and many sophomores and juniors were eager to grab an application and be apart of the new program! It was amazing to see how many students were wanting to be apart of Link Crew, and be a helping hand to the incoming freshmen. Perrysburg jackets really are, without a doubt, one big family. If you’re interested in being a helping hand and linking together next year, grab an application and turn it in before May 3rd in the guidance office!


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