Course Changes for 2017/2018

Course Changes for 2017/2018

By Chelsea Fisher
eSomethin Staff

Perrysburg High School is trying to give students the best path for a future of continuing education.  This year’s registration forms came with a lot of course changes. Here’s the run down:

World geography, Global Studies, Independent Living, and Workplace Applications have all been deleted and are no longer offered after this year. Mr. Matt Horen, social studies teacher, says that the deletion of the two social studies classes is due to the state of Ohio making modern history (since the renaissance) mandatory. It will not be taught from an American point of view because a mandatory junior year credit is American history.

ASL and Chinese III, modern world history, food science, anatomy and physiology, and computer science principles have all been added.ASL III is 4411 and is offered to juniors and seniors with the prerequisite of ASL I and II. Chinese III is the same way and has the course number is 4311.

Modern World History’s course number is 1200 and is offered for a full credit to sophomores.

Anatomy and Physiology is a full year class for upperclassmen, the course number is 3312.

Food science is offered as a semester/half credit course to juniors. The course number is 6310.

Living skills is now intro to FCS and Principles of food. Intro to FCS is number 6140 and Principles of Food is 6150. Both are a half credit corse offered to underclassmen. Healthy and safe foods is now global foods, it is offered as a half credit to seniors. Intro to engineering is now exploring engineering.

Dual enrollment is now available with French III and IV and Spanish III and IV.

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