Pride Week Fun! Day One: Pajama Day

By Izzie Knestrick
eSomethin Staff

Pride week is rolling in, and there surely is a lot in store for each day, but to start the week off with a bang, all grades, from freshmen to senior, showed off their P-Burg pride in the comfiest form: pajamas! From tiger print footies, to plaid pajama pants, and even robes and slippers, the students represented their pride, and got to enjoy a day of complete comfort while doing so! Yellow Jacket pride is strong, and not to mention, pretty cozy!

Down below are just some of the few ways we were able to capture all that pride!


Sophomores Myla Urban and Ryan Kromenacker  and junior Allison McNulty show off their Yellow Jacket Pride!


Senior Shelby Fulmer and Freshman Luke Borer.


Seniors Layla Jomaa, Cameron Clark, Paige Durham, Austin Overy, Payton Williamson, Chloe Carter, Ethan Flemming, Ethan Nagy, Taylor Eureste, Megan Bienemann, Meredith Schwiebert, Morgan Prokup and Junior Tyler Mitchell.



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