Honors classes and sleep

Honors classes and sleep

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Survey explores association between advanced classes and sleep

By Caroline Mandly
Special to eSomethin

Fourth in 10 installments

Do advanced classes actually have an effect on sleep, or is this just an excuse commonly used by students?

In the past, many students and parents have questioned the relationship between advanced classes and sleep.

TopicOfInterest_250pxStudents claim that their excessive workload is the reason he/she does not sleep long enough. High Schools and their students across the globe would be interested in the findings of this survey. The schools may be should think to put a limit on the number of advanced classes a student can take in order for the student to obtain a good night’s sleep. This solution might not be a solution after all.

Sleep_AP classesOn November 10, 2015, we surveyed 50 Perrysburg High School students and asked them to answer a few questions in order to investigate this claim. We asked high schoolers in a 9th period study hall, as well those in 10th period lunch to answer a series of questions.

The questions included the number of hours on average he/she sleeps on a school night, how many AP or Honors classes they are taking this year, as well as his/her eye color.

After multiple calculations and the creation of graphs (such as the scatter-plot diagram above), we revealed that there is little to no association between the number of advanced classes and the number of hours of sleep obtained on a school night.

Now that this accusation has been disproved, the community can safely enroll students in advanced classes without the worry of sleep deprivation.

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