Tricks, treats and test scores

Tricks, treats and test scores

Senior Eunice Park stresses about test scores and getting into college.  KATIE PACH PHOTO
Senior Eunice Park stresses about college applications.   KATIE PACH photo

By Katie Pach Staff

For seniors, zombies and ghosts aren’t the only scary things about Halloween.

Halloween is also the deadline the guidance office has set for seniors to have college applications completed and submitted. So naturally, the impending rise of the undead are not the only thing stressing out seniors this time of year.

The stress about college is coming at us from all sides.

Senior Eunice Park says that the main sources of her stress are the pressures about finding ways to pay tuition and finding a school in the right location.

Carly Smith is more worried about completing her application correctly and on time. Carly, a senior Post-Secondary Option (PSO) student, feels that having done PSO classes through UT, she’s much less worried about actually going to college.

Mrs. Nagy, our beloved librarian, says she has noticed a definite change in the way students are stressing about schools. “You guys are stressed just about the application process,” she says.

The way we get stressed in and of itself is changing. Instead of the worry setting in during the long wait for a response, the anxiety is beginning before the applications have even been sent out.

To beat this stress, our school psychologist, (yes, we have a psychologist), Mrs. Dewood, recommends focusing more on the things you enjoy. Take a walk, listen to music, relax. It’s also important to stay healthy, get exercise, and try to keep your head above water.

This season is going to be a scary for a lot of seniors. Just remember: do your best, try to relax, and ask for help when you need it.



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