PHS art students will honor the rich history of their city in “Historic Perrysburg” art show

PHS art students will honor the rich history of their city in “Historic Perrysburg” art show

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Many citizens of Perrysburg have an understanding of the history of their town—history classes and field trips to Fort Meigs seem to cover it. Students in Perrysburg High School art classes are taking a step deeper, learning about the town’s abundant history through the different architectural elements downtown.

Michelle Brunner is an art teacher at PHS. She teaches introductory courses as well as painting and advanced painting. She combined her love for studying architecture, the city of Perrysburg and art to create a fun challenge for students.

“I’m excited for this historic Perrysburg art exhibit. I have not done this since before [COVID-19] because we weren’t able to get to the Way Public Library,” she said.

Classes learned about different architectural styles downtown—like Greek and Gothic Revival, Italianate and Queen Anne—and how to recognize them based on their specific elements and features.

Then, she instructed them to use the historic Perrysburg website to pick their favorite building and learn about its history.

“I just love that the students are learning more about the architecture in Perrysburg and being able to showcase it in their own paintings,” Brunner says. She says that she is happy that students can get into their town and give back to the community with this project.

Students then turned their chosen building into a piece of artwork.

Senior Gracin Bella is in Brunner’s advanced painting class and chose to make an oil painting for her project.

“My historic painting is, I believe, 333 E. Front Street,” Bella says. “I liked it because it was a Gothic revival house and I thought it was cool.”

She says she is looking forward to seeing all of the artwork when the exhibition happens in April.

Other classes are also contributing to the show, including students in Candra Boggs’ AP Studio art class. Boggs asked students to make ceramic plaques, which they would then paint with glazes to represent the historic buildings.

Senior Cordelia Webber, who is in AP studio art and advanced painting made a gouache painting and a ceramic plaque. Her ceramic piece is extra special.

“It’s my friend’s house, and I really enjoyed painting it,” Webber says.

Even though the piece is very small, she explained that the tedious details took a lot of time and care.

Bella’s piece and Webber’s pieces will be in the exhibition with many others during the month of April. The show will be held in the lower level of the Way Public Library in Perrysburg.

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